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Student Work

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Digital Marketing and Advertising Projects

Please click on the links below to view student work. 

Pedialyte Digital Campaign


Overview of Project

The marketing world has undergone significant and fundamental changes due to the implementation of technology and growing social environments. Because of this, the way brands and consumers connect and communicate has transformed drastically. Today, brands utilize an array of communication channels to reach consumers through online and mobile environments making digital marketing a key component in any strategic marketing plan. To demonstrate and present your knowledge, you will create a digital marketing campaign for a brand that sells online. The concept behind this project is to expose you to terminology, digital tools, skill sets, and application of this knowledge, which you will need after you graduate and enter the industry.


You are a marketing manager working with your team. You are to choose a brand that requires a digital marketing makeover.

Student Project Plan

Click here to download the student project plan containing instructions, expectations, and deliverables. 

Web Site Redesign Projects

Please click on the links below to view student work. 


Streaming Media

Digital Marketing Class creating content for TikTok. 

Brand: White Claw

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