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Social Media has changed the way we market and advertise today. Our businesses and brands now exist in a very competitive landscape where consumer advocacy also known as bonding is the new conversion. The traditional marketing funnel is now a powerful circular sphere where brands and consumers meet and engage at just about any point in the consumer journey process. During this process, data is constantly being collected revealing insights into the behaviors of our audiences. Many times this is where the confusion begins. Yes! Data is critical but many times we do not know what to do with this data. 


Time-after-time we see our competitors engaging in what appears to be an outright digital assault. Everywhere we look, our competition is there! It's like when you purchase a new car for the first time. Your driving and it seems that everyone now has the same car! In the digital landscape, our competitors are appearing as ads in our Facebook feeds, when we search, they seem to be at the top of the search engine results, or appear as banner advertising, while we read an article on our mobile device. Many times brands will panic! Brands will start to invest large amounts of money into these digital forms of advertising and in the end are not sure if these tactics are even the right channel. All because they feel, if they do not do something, they are being left behind and forgotten. This is a senseless behavior. If anything this method of panic is a good and costly way to ensure that you do get left behind. 


Understanding your digital landscape should include knowing and marketing to the correct stages of the consumer journey and most importantly developing personas to really know who your customers are! Establishing clear objectives with realistic key performance indicators will help determine, which content and channels are most appropriate. The next step is to create messages that develop and build relationships. I have found through most of my research that once a worthy relationship is developed it creates "trust". Further research I have conducted revealed that trust is a motivating factor for purchasing and brand advocacy. 


What complicates today's methods of marketing and advertising is that brands need to develop campaigns that are integrated. For example, just engaging in Facebook advertising may drive some conversions at first but how do you now develop a  relationship to continue meeting your goals?  It takes an integrated approach to do this. 


I have consulted over the years with all types of businesses. If any of the above make sense then please reach out to me.

Let's do this! 

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