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2021Teaching Awards


Influential Professor Award (Was honored and invited as the most influential professor during the past two academic semesters.)

2021 Conferences Papers Accepted! 


ITLC Lilly Online Conference May 2021.


Title: Cultivating Genuine Evidence of Self-Efficacy within the Classroom
As educators, we contribute to individuals' thoughts, therefore, contributing to their success (Bandura, 1977). Educators have a significant role in developing self-efficacy within an individual, and in undoing the times in life, experiences may have diminished this belief in oneself; that one can achieve anything one set out to do. Researchers realize the importance of self-efficacy in education and how it impacts and motivates students' learning and future success (Van Dinther et al., 2011). This poster presentation will highlight tangible practices that educators can use to promote genuine evidence of self-efficacy in the classroom.





Northeast Decision Sciences Institute - 50th Annual Conference 2021

Title: Increasing Student Engagement using Virtual Reality in Marketing Classes

As universities continue searching for ways to enhance student learning, technology has impacted the methods of delivering content to students. This study focuses on the use of virtual reality (VR) in university classrooms to increase participation and enhance student engagement. While the academic use of VR has been primarily used in engineering and medicine, this research focuses on the use of VR in the marketing classroom. The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of using VR in both asynchronous and synchronous online classes to measure the level of student engagement over the course of the semester.

Marketing Educators' Association Conference 2021

Virtual Reality and Pedagogy: An Interactive Learning Experience

The use of virtual reality (VR) in education has gained momentum throughout recent years. However, most studies examined VR in the classroom with a focus on STEM education. The purpose of this study is to assess changing pedagogical approaches not only in education as a whole but specifically its application towards business disciplines such as digital marketing. This study will examine whether the presence of VR learning opportunities impacts student performance outcomes and promote positive class satisfaction. Comparisons will be made between the effects of traditional asynchronous online learning and VR asynchronous online learning and whether theoretical knowledge was retained deeper with the presence of VR, leading to better performance outcomes and positive student satisfaction.


Dr. Ronda Mariani

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